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Short Training Sessions

Updated: May 23, 2022

At least once a week I have a phone call or an email telling me that they have a yearling or a two year old pony and they would like to start driving training. What do I recommend they start with?

YOU should do what you feel is best for you and your pony. This is what I do with MY ponies!

I start my driving training right away when I have a baby. We start with things like:

To name a few.

I do not:

  • put a harness on them and ground drive them

  • put a bit in their mouth

  • put a bridle with blinders on them

  • have them pull a travois or a cart or a tire

Oliver does have a harness and I will put it on him to make a video about how to fit a harness to a young pony. But, he will not wear it at all this year, other than in a video and for a few photos. He won't wear the bridle with the bit at all.

Oliver is a two year old this year.

Here is a video showing what I have been doing with him to help prepare him for driving. We have done this since he was a weanling!

To put it simply - EVERYTHING you do with your young pony is preparing them for driving. There is no need to purchase a full harness set and have them wear it all the time. They can be babies and spend several years just simply growing up, all the while, learning how to be a driving pony.

No experience is a waste of time, everything means something to babies!

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