New Online Store!!

I am very excited to announce our new online store where we are selling yacht rope lead ropes and driving lines hand made by my Handsome Hubby! (The KBike will also be sold there as will the accessories that I am going to be making and selling.)

I'm so so excited about these lines. They are a lovely weight in your hand, a little bigger than 3/8" diameter so feel GREAT. They have a bit of life in them which makes communication with the pony so sweet. Just a light touch will get you far with these lines.

One of the best parts is you don't need a buckle adapter or a snap to attach them to your bit! They have a nylon keeper that allows the line to slide through, making attaching them to the bit super simple and clean. In this way you have direct hand-to-bit contact using the rope without anything in there to muddy up the connection.

Another super fun part of these lines is they are available in COLOR! We offer 8 colors + black. The colors are so vibrant and pretty.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of driving lines head on over to the shop website at:

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